Gold Sculpture Collectibles: Exquisite Artistry Preserved in Gold

Gold Sculpture Collectibles: Exquisite Artistry Preserved in Gold

Gold sculpture collectibles are a unique and valuable asset. They are also an excellent gift to anyone who has an appreciation for artistic craftsmanship.

Gold is the most workable of metals and can be hammered into sheets, chased, engraved, inlaid and cast. Gold is also used to gild other materials.

Golden Mosaic Tile Art Installation

Gold mosaic art installations are an eye-catching way to bring a touch of the midas touch to your décor. Whether installed on the wall or a backsplash, these gold-colored mosaic pieces are sure to make a statement and elevate your space to a level of opulence and elegance you can be proud of.

Created with 24kt gold smalti, glass and dichroic ceramic fusion, this stunning spherical mosaic element recalls the inner energy of our universe. Its luminous golden tiles stand out against the subdued color scheme, giving it an eccentric chromatic look reminiscent of a planet in pure light.

This gold mosaic art is a stunning accent to any bathroom or kitchen design. It’s also perfect for elevating an accent wall or creating a unique ceiling mural. It’s easy to clean, resists moisture and is scratch-resistant.

This contemporary interpretation of classic Art Deco style fuses the soft color variations Qua tang sep of natural marble with gold mirrored glass accents. The Pale Gold Mosaic offers a timeless aesthetic to complement any room with its sleek polished finish. The unique stone clefts of each piece add texture and depth to this geometric pattern. Pair this mosaic with other marble tiling from our Realstone Collection for a cohesive design.

Gilded Landscape Oil on Canvas Gifts

Turn your favorite photos into works of art with canvas wall decor. Whether you want to create a personalized portrait or a photo collage, there are endless layouts and designs to choose from. You can even add text to create a more personal touch to the piece. You can also choose from a variety of picture frames to fit your style.

A great oil painting depicting a mountain landscape is a beautiful accent piece for any living room. This piece was painted with over 24 karat gold leaf, so it has a beautiful golden allure. It will be sure to impress anyone who sees it. This piece will make a perfect gift for someone who loves nature or who loves the idea of sunrises and sunsets.

Find a wide variety of oil on canvas with gilded frame at 1stDibs. You can find older ones from the 18th Century or newer versions that have been created in a different style. Some may be more rustic, while others have a modern appeal. No matter what your taste is, you can find the perfect oil on canvas with gilded frames at 1stDibs.

Gold Plated Abstract Expressionism Sculptures

This unique framed canvas wall art exudes natural beauty and sophistication in both its color and composition. Made of water color and acrylic paint over a fabric canvas housed in a textured metallic gold Chinese fir wood frame, this piece is designed to be hung horizontally using the sawtooth hooks on the back of the canvas.

Throughout art history, gold has symbolized love, power, wealth and status. The decadent metal has consumed alchemists, compelled explorers and determined the fate of civilizations.

Benvenuto Cellini, one of the worlds most famous Renaissance goldsmiths, incorporated the use of gold into his sculptural work to emphasize his own authority and status. The Salt Cellar, his only fully authenticated gold piece, is now worth over 45 million dollars.

Contemporary artists often use the medium of gold in dialogue with their own materiality. British artist Marc Quinn’s gilded sculpture of supermodel Kate Moss contorted into an impossible yoga pose is popularly called Song of the Siren and is said to be the largest solid gold sculpture created since ancient Egypt. For Quinn, who is also known for a work composed of nine pints of his own blood, the use of gold highlights the arbitrary belief system that determines human worth.