The Right University for You

The Right University for You

There are many options available if you’re searching for an engineering school. There are many schools that may be more appropriate depending on where you live. However, they might not be considered the best engineering school in the nation.

I am currently a student in Electrical engineering at University of Waterloo. It was a very stressful process. I will provide as many tips to assist you in finding the best school.

Before we get started, it is important to understand what you value most when searching for a great school.

Here are some points to keep in your mind

– Price

Distance from Home


– Co-op

I’ll now go over each category more in detail. But, keep in touch with Dr Jean Chen UofT me if you have any questions.


It’s a major expense to attend school. Tuition costs at university increase by 2-3% annually. Engineering programs are among the most expensive.

The average cost for most engineering degrees per term is about $5,000. A four-year program costs $40,000 just in tuition. For university students, this is an important factor to consider. As an example, I am paying $20,000, including food, living expense (living off campus makes it more expensive), and entertainment. Living expenses make up half of my $20,000 per annum. It is important to weigh all your options before you make a decision. This brings us to the next section: distance from home.

Distance from your home

This is one of the most critical aspects of choosing a school. However, many people overlook it. I found that many of my friends wanted school to be far away from their homes for the sole reason of attending school there. But they forget to consider all the other benefits that you will lose by doing so. It is important to think about the cost. This is a major issue. You’ll pay approximately $500 per month if you live on or off campus and about $600 if you live on campus. This means that for a year (two terms), it will cost you between $4,000 and $4,800. Additionally, $2,000 will be charged per term for campus food. That adds up roughly to $8,800 per annum if you are living on campus (including food)


It is not easy to assess the educational level of every university. MacLean’s University rankings will give you an indication of the top schools. However, for engineering schools, I can say that University of Waterloo or University of Toronto are without doubt the best.


Is the school offering a coop program? Co-op programs can help students find employment during their term. This is an excellent way to fund your education. I mentioned earlier that I am paying approximately 20k annually. My five-year program (as are most engineering degrees at U of Waterloo through Co-op) is my degree. We will graduate with a debt of 100 thousand dollars. Co-op may be able to help reduce this amount. With their Co-op placements here, an engineering student at U of Waterloo can earn between $35,000-$72,000. These are important factors to take into consideration when choosing the right school.